Written by Bev Hanna

April, finally!  Only January and February can make me look forward to mud, but bring it on.  We’re ready for some warm weather.  By the time this newsletter is read, the Equine Affair 2022 will be over. What an amazing opportunity to listen to top clinicians, check out breed demonstrations, and do some horse related shopping.  After missing two years, I do not want to take it for granted. 

Mohican should be open as of the first weekend in April.  There will be a Cowboys For Jesus work date on April 22-25 and a Holmes County work weekend May 20-21.  We are all anxious to see the trail changes and conditions after logging and the long winter closure.  The club is planning a trip to Elkins Creek Horse Camp June 12-19.  I’m looking forward to that trip as I have not been to Elkins before.  

I have heard that eighty something year old member Bob Picklesimer has a new horse!  Bob will be out and about on a 17yr old Rocky gelding.  Way to go, Bob. Bob leads the Cowboys for Jesus meetings and leads us in song and prayer at the camps he attends, which we very much appreciate.  

My husband and some of his friends were out several times in Feb.  They went to Malabar.  Some of the trails in the woods still had some ice on them, but the rest of the trails were great.  I do not think ice will be a problem in April, I think.  I hope to get out this weekend.  I had some maintenance work done on myself with cataract surgery.  Good to go now.  Going to ease the horse and myself back in to trail shape.  

We attended the Coshocton County 4-H Swap meet on a cold day in Feb.  It was well attended and had a wide range of tack and stable supplies.  It was nice to do something horse related on a day not fit for riding.  I think the 4-H program did very well.  They certainly deserve to.

It is with a heavy heart that we mention the passing of long time member Jim “ J J” Mast.  A well known local businessman and friend, he will be sorely missed.   Jim was always cheerful and always supportive of his wife, Mary’s, equine adventures.  Our hearts go out to Mary during this difficult time.  Please remember her and her family in your prayers.  

As we get into the woods, let’s remember those who volunteer their time to maintain the trails we love.  Also, those of you who volunteer, please keep track of your hours, being sure to include prep, travel, and cleanup time.  If we record them on our wall calendar or phone calendar, we won’t have to scratch our heads trying to come up with them at the end of the year.  

We are hoping the weather this winter was cold enough for long enough to discourage ticks.  I plan to be more proactive with fly spray even if there are no flies and to dress and use prevention for myself.  They are more common in Ohio than they used to be and, with some planning, should not limit or discourage us from riding.  

by Bev Hanna