The CornaVirus Restrictions have made organized rides difficult this year, but some may be possible.   Each ride schedule this year will be different depending on the facility and the local restrictions in place.  Watch this website for the latest news on State Rides.

For example, the “Gibby Ride” and work days have been cancelled due to restrictions.  The Northeast Regional ride scheduled at Mohican on the 4th of July weekend is going ahead with modifications.

Any event requiring a permit at a State Park facility is not allowed through July 15th.  The policy may or may not be renewed after July 15th.

State Park campgrounds require an on-line reservation.  Walk-up reservations are not allowed.  Occupancy will be booked at less than 100%

State Park Group Horse camps remain closed through July 15th.

State Forest campgrounds have returned to the same policy that was in place prior to the CornaVirus restrictions.

Ride Manager Guidance:

Work with the Park manager in advance to learn what you can and can’t do.

Work with your county Health Department.  The Health Department will help you understand the rules for gathering (social distancing) and for food service.  All the reports that I’ve heard to date from people that have contacted their health department have been positive.  Health Department officials have been happy to help.

As if today, June 22, 2020:

Any type of buffet meal (potluck dinner) is not allowed.

You may be able to serve individual meals if you follow the health department guidelines.  Contact your local health department.  If you use a caterer, the caterer should know and follow the current Health Department guidelines.

Any gathering of 10 or more people is prohibited.  Work with your local health department on how to “gather around the campfire” after your event.

Plan on riding in groups of 10 or less.  Start groups at 10 minute intervals.  Plan on one direction on a loop trail so that riders don’t have to pass on the trails.

Eric Estill, President

Ohio Horseman’s Council