Congratulations to all our award winners!

Delaware Chapter held their Annual Awards ceremony earlier this year. Several members earned patches for milestone achievements in both trail mileage and saddle hours. Linda VanHorne and Theresa Burke earned their 1,000 mile patches for accumulative mileage with 1474 miles and 1322 miles, respectively. Both Ruth Kimpel and Mike Shott received 200-mile recognition. For 2019, our chapter recognized two members with over 2000 miles, Carole Bosich and Bobbi Arters both with 2837 miles. Each earning their 1,000 mile bars.

Tanya Corzatt was recognized for accomplishing the highest number of saddle hours in 2019, earning her a 1,000 saddle hour patch. Dan Chambers with an accumulative total of 1077 hours came in second and also earned his 1,000 saddle hour patch and Sherry Chambers accumulated the third highest saddle hour total.

Dan Chambers’ 1000 saddle hour award patch

The top four mileage locations for 2019 were:

Alum Creek State Park = 2,178 miles

Prairie Oaks Metro Park = 714 miles

Private property trails = 235 miles

Buck Creek State Park = 73 miles