2020 Delaware Trail Obstacle Fun Day

Our Trail Obstacle Fun Day was held on Saturday August 29, 2020 at Bob Sweeney’s farm in Hilliard, Ohio.

The welcoming committee consisting of Bob, his daughter, Kathy, along with Lora Taylor, greeted the arriving participants and helped with trailer parking. 11 horses participated in the event. In all, there were close to 20 attendees sharing the enjoyable day. The weather could not have been more pleasant, clear blue skies with low humidity!

Theresa Burke and Prada

Danielle Wright with Ruthie who is giving the water a good look!

Laura Brentlinger and Batiste

Bob and Kathy had worked to set up 19 different obstacles in their spacious indoor arena. Participants could work at their own pace, guiding their equine partner through each obstacle either in-hand or mounted. Member Dan Chambers shared his training expertise with several members, helping the horse and rider team to navigate through some of the more challenging obstacles.

Mary Chmielewski and Quicksilver “Silver”

Mike Shott and Raspberry

Dan encouraging Silver through the noodles

Donna Potteiger with Skip


Lunch, consisting of a variety of deli sandwiches, along with an assortment of chips and cookies, was generously provided to all the attendees by the Sweeney family. The Sweeney’s had even rented a brand-new Port-A-Potty to have on hand, just for the occasion!

Bobbi Arters and Rosie dragging the tire

Mike and Laura take a break from riding to enjoy lunch

Sherry Chambers and Emily Brentlinger

Enjoying a lunch break with friends

It was so nice to have the opportunity to get together, albeit while practicing social distancing, and enjoy the day with horses and friends! A sincere “Thank you” to our hosts, Bob Sweeney, and Kathy Sweeney-Kerr for all their work! The day was an over-whelming success!

Kathy Kerr and Lora Taylor

Donna and Skip ride through the “squeeze”

Danielle letting Ruthie get acquainted with ball

Prada standing on bridge