by Bev Hanna

As I write the July article, we’re making our first cutting hay.  It is hot enough here at the end of May to feel like July.  It is a good feeling to have that done; one because it is the right time of year and without rain, and two, because we can ride without worrying about getting hay in for a little while.

While our Holmes County Chapter had some rides canceled due to weather, there has been a good amount of riding getting done.  Spring riding at Mohican has been beautiful.  We had a very well-attended work day on May 21.  Three large trees were removed form the trails.  Two UTVs and several chainsaws were there.  The far outhouse was painted.  The fence and alcove areas were weed eated and cleared.  Several groups trimmed branches and multiflora rose from parts of the trails.  We enjoyed seeing Pete and Cheryl Jacobsen who helped so much; as did all those who attended.  Our potluck dinner time was moved up because of an approaching storm.  The dinner was just as good that way as it would have been later.  Unfortunately, the storm also required rescheduling our meeting to the first week of June. Overall, we worked hard and ate well.   We are looking forward to our June trip to Elkins, which by the time you read this will be in the books.    

In club news, donations were made to Hospice in memory of Lenny Gerber and a donation was made to Camp Tuscazoar to help with gravel in their new parking lot.  That group has a fundraiser event August 20, 11-3pm.  This former Boy Scout camp has some great riding on its trails.  Also, we would like to wish hearty Congratulations to board member Shar Milner’s granddaughter, Jamie Milner, on her high school graduation.  We have enjoyed Jamie’s presence over the years.  They grow up so fast.  I ran into secondary members Heather Kinney Tate and son Taran at the Ashland Paint and Plain show.  Their good horse, Gus, went from the Mohican trails one weekend, to the ranch and youth classes the next, and to top it off, he and Heather rode in a Memorial Day parade the next day.  Now that’s versatility.  The Paint and Plain shows are lots of fun, well run, and well attended.  Fall pizza sales are being discussed.  Plans are being made about our Labor Day weekend at Mohican.  We hope to attend the regional ride at Mohican July 4th weekend hosted by Wayne County.  

We’ve enjoyed getting back to riding at Mohican.  Bruce made a trip to Kentucky and visited a Tennessee Walking Horse farm.  I enjoyed getting out to an Ashland Paint and Plain show and watching my son’s two good horses work.  We’re planning on riding with Lorain County at Salt Fork this weekend.  Looking ahead to hotter weather, we are trying to get the horses used to it with some shorter rides at high temps and some regular work.  I usually feed some electrolytes in the heat, but whatever your veterinarian recommends is the best plan.  Be safe and take care.  Enjoy the season.