Written by Bev Hanna

As I write the June article in the beginning of May, I am reflecting back on April, who truly showed us how varied and unpredictable Ohio weather can be.  I think things have settled down and we can enjoy some great riding weather.  A great many people have been back on the opened, as of April 1, Mohican trails.  It feels good to be back.  Mohican truly has something for everyone.  We have been on the new sections.  While they may need to settle a little, they are working out very well.  

Holmes and Wayne county volunteers attended Cowboys for Jesus work day April 22 and 23 hosted by Bob Picklesimer.  Many thanks to Diane Tankred’s granddaughter for coming out and helping.  Quite a bit of work was done.  Two large trees were cut and moved off the trail, water bars were removed, and dirt was added and tamped down around the boundary fence posts.  We also had a great potluck meal and campfire Saturday evening.  Bob thanks all for participating.

Holmes County has plans to camp at Elkins creek June 16 thru 19.  Some members will be in and out during that time period.  We are also planning a Holmes County work weekend May 20 and 21.  Some of our members who ride Mohican regularly are reporting issues to the president in order to have a list for the work days.  There are plenty of things that will need to be done.  We are looking forward to the regional ride hosted by Wayne County July 1-4.  There are two State Rides this month, June 10-12 at Ceasar Creek and June 24-26 at Jefferson lake State park.  More information on the state rides is found on the ohconline.com site.  Both of these rides require reservations.

Cindy’s Fresian Sport Horse, Friescha.

Member Cindy Gray-Stanley is attending a clinic on Liberty training.  I met Cindy’s 19yr old sport horse last week.  She is a lovely horse.  We rode with a member developing a good young 3yr Tennessee Walking Horse gelding last weekend.  Our horses are rounding into shape with some regular riding.  I had an appointment with Crest Ridge Saddlery for a fitting evaluation on Paso.  It is always educational.  They do a route through the country once a year.  As an older horse, her back needs to be watched.  President Vickie Zook is doing very well in her recovery from knee surgery and thanks all for their thoughts and prayers.

The OHC Bingo cards are getting a lot of attention on Facebook.  It’s a fun way to promote our clubs and reward our members, with some fun along the way.  

Hoping all of our readers enjoy good health and great riding.