Ready to Saddle Up With Ohio Horseman's Council?

Ohio Horseman’s Council is the largest Ohio non-profit equine organization representing all ages of rider, all riding disciplines and all equine breeds.  Organized by county chapters, OHC is committed to serving the needs of its members and being the trusted advocate for equine participants at all levels of government, zeaously promoting access to public land for recreational use.   Please join us to support the work of our volunteers to protect Ohio’s trails now and for future generations.


Members volunteer their time to build and maintain Ohio’s bridle trails.


OHC is the only equine organization in Ohio representing the entire industry.  Our membership is unique and depends on you. 


A good partnership with land managers, other trail user groups and state legislators helps to keep public lands available for everyone to enjoy.


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Why Join Ohio Horseman's Council?

With an OHC membership, you get access to some really great, cost-competitive equine liability insurance that covers you if your horse does something unexpected.  (That never happens does it?)  However, the best part of membership is access to like minded enthusiasts, trail maps galore, educational opportunities and a few other things.  A complete explanation of membership cost and benefits is in the ‘FAQ’ section at the top of the Home page.

Trail maps on this site are the most current and are provided by the local chapters who maintain the trails.  If you have any questions about the trails or camping amenities, feel free to contact the local chapter for the trail.  Go to the ‘Ohio Trails’ button at the top of the home page to find your riding destination.

With more than 4,000 members and yearly rides around the state, you’re likely to find someone to ride with, or lend a horse when you are ‘horse-less.’  Check the calendar of events at the ‘Events’ button at the top of the home page.

Ohio Horseman’s Council is a long standing member of American Horse Council, headquartered in Washington, DC.  Further, at a state level, OHC is an active member in the Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus which is spearheaded by bi-partisan legislators.  The Caucus is the best way to let our state law makers know who we are and what we want — we are equine owners and ‘caretakers’ of Ohio’s trails.

Many horse clubs and organizations offer equine liability insurance but not the competitve pricing.  With an OHC membership you can opt to take the insurance coverage which covers you and your family up to $1M per incident should your horse do something unexpected.  A complete explanation of coverage is in the ‘FAQ’ section at the top of the Home page.  More than 80% of OHC membership carry the extra coverage.

Your membership fee goes directly to OHC and is used to promote the use of public lands for trail riding.  County chapters hold fundraisers to get money to do maintenance on trails as well as apply to the state OHC leadership for yearly grant monies.  Your fee helps to keep trails open for all to enjoy.  You are a ‘caretaker’ of the trails when you join OHC.

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