Membership in OHC is unique because your fees are a contribution to the future of Ohio’s bridle trails and the equine industry. You are joining a group of equine enthusiasts which started out in 1972 as a group of trail riders who wanted to enjoy the outdoors with their equine partners.  The members came from throughout the state and partnered with land managers to establish bridle trails.  Fourty-five years later, 1,800 miles of bridle trails exist in more than 100 locations around Ohio from 2 miles to 60 miles in length.  OHC has members in most all Ohio counties and neighboring states.  You’ll meet members on the trail, in a parade, competing in various events or just hanging out with their equine friends.
Membership in Ohio Horseman’s Council is effective on an annual basis from January 1 to December 31. To become a member, apply and pay online. You can apply as an individual, family, youth or association. Generally, members are part of a local, Ohio county chapter, but if you would rather support OHC without chapter affiliation, or you are a business or a non-Ohio resident, you can select “At Large” vs a county chapter.
There are THREE ways to join or renew: 
1)  Join or renew online.  It takes less than 5 minutes and is easy, safe and secure.  Select the online option (Renew/Join) in the upper right corner of the page and pay with credit card via paypal.  2)  If you don’t want to have a financial transaction online, just fill out the forms online but pass your check or cash to the chapter treasurer for the chapter where you are renewing or joining.  3)  Contact the chapter’s treasurer and request a form or download a form from the chapter page.  Fill it out and send it in!
Membership categories and fees:
  • Individual membership is open to any person age eighteen (18) or older. An active individual member shall be entitled to one (1) vote and may hold office.
  • Family membership is open to spouses or domestic partners, at least one of whom is age eighteen (18) or older, and their dependents. Dependent means that the spouse(s) or domestic partner(s) contribute greater than fifty percent (50%) of the dependent’s support. Family members must physically reside in the same household. Active family members, age eighteen (18) or older, shall each be entitled to one (1) vote, with a maximum of two (2) votes per family, and each may hold office if eligible under Article V. Family members under the age of eighteen (18) may not vote nor hold an office.
  • Youth membership is open to any person under the age of eighteen (18) as of January 1. Youth members must be sponsored by an adult member, with written permission of their parent or guardian. Youth members are not permitted to vote or to hold
  • Associate membership is open to any group or individual desiring to support OHC. Associate members must be affiliated with and sponsored by a county chapter. Associate members are not permitted to vote or to hold office.
  • Any member may be a Member at Large if he or she does not claim a county chapter affiliation. An active member at large shall have the benefits, voting and office holding rights of an individual, family, youth or lifetime member, whichever is A member at large may not claim a chapter affiliation for the entire membership year.
–  OHC Basic Membership (does not include Equine Excess Liability Insurance)
$25 – Individual (age 18 or older, no dependents)
$10 – Youth (under age 18, parental/guardian signature required)
$35 – Family (with spouse/partner/other and/or dependents)
–  OHC Plus Membership (includes Equine Excess Liability Insurance)
$45 – Individual (age 18 or older, no dependents)
$75 – Family (with spouse/partner/other and/or dependents)
–  Associate Membership (does not allow Equine Excess Liability Insurance)
$40 – Group (provide name of group and primary contact person)
Note: Some county chapters charge a small fee and it will appear in the form when you apply.
Note:  In addition to joining a chapter as a primary member, you can join other chapters as a ‘secondary’ member at a cost of either $3 for an individual or $5 for a family.  Find the chapter you want to join as a seondary member, print the form and send it to the chapter’s treasurer.

OHC is all breed of equine, age of rider and discipline of riding.
Members of OHC are actively engaged in a yearly event called ‘Groom and Clean’ which measures a youth participant’s ability in horsemanship, working as a team and other skills. OHC provides the funding for all the trophies.