The Horsemen’s Corral will not print and mail the May or June issues.  All issues will be available on-line at:


The Horsemen’s Corral’s most recent statement:

Due to continued challenges within the equine industry, the Horsemen’s Corral will once again publish a DIGITAL ONLY issue for June. We did not take this decision lightly, in fact, we waited right up until the end of the to make the call. Please be sure to directed your club members to our website at to view the June 2020 issue.
The Corral has been fighting for you. In fact, if you look at the very back of the June issue, there is a copy of the survey and recommendations we sent directly to Governor Dewine’s office. We are starting to see things open up a little and expect a major announcement next week. We further expect to be back in business come July but we need you. Without ads, we simply cannot print. Remember, our normal offer to you is print, digital and social media sharing of all ads… and as a Corral Club you get 50% off. If you are planning an event in July, August, September, please help us help you by advertising!
A reminder: There are some positive features of the Digital Corral. You can read it from any electronic device that allows you to access the internet. You can download the entire magazine to your computer or smart phone. You can forward the link to your friends and family in other States or Countries.  You can print it. You can pull off a single page and send it or print it as well. Finally, the Digital Corral is loaded with “hot-links” to take you directly to the websites of advertisers, authors and club/association sites. It’s a great opportunity to shop or read more about a particular area of interest.