Volunteers work in mud to get water rerouted away from a trail to eliminate future erosion issues.
All officer positions at a county and state level are volunteer.  There are no paid positions within OHC.  Membership fees go directly to OHC in support of the mission and goals of the Council.  Most is invested back into Ohio’s horse trails.
OHC volunteers work with other trail partners such as Ohio Trails Partnership, local horse clubs, Scouts and others to maintain Ohio’s trails.  Many horsemen carry a pair of snippers on their saddles to cut limbs and branches while others with chain saw certification use a chain saw to clear deadfall across a trail, or rent a trencher to build better drainage systems to redirect water off the trails.
OHC volunteers provide more than trail building and maintenance.  Local county chapter members hold officer positions where they work to raise funds for worthy causes, create and promote local equine events to introduce the community to equine ownership and support others in their dream to own and ride a horse or mule.
OHC is your local, state and national equine advocate.